Picturetank, the Co-op Agency.

Picturetank is a Co-operative Photo Agency; an international network of photographers and independent collectives.

Picturetank is a collection of perspectives and identities; an exceptional photographic source characterised by its broad diversity and the high quality of its artistic and editorial material.

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Over 150.000 auteur images to date are available online via our Search Engine.

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Bearing witness to the creative wealth of auteur photography, Picturetank provides a unique observatory for directions in contemporary photography.

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  • Carole BOURRIOT,

    Corporate Project Manager
  • Stéphane TERNON,

    Editorial Client Officer
  • Éléonore CORLIEU,

    Archive & Directing Manager
  • Julia McLAREN,

    Translator & Archivist
  • Oriane FLAGEOLLET,

    Accounting & Administration Officer
  • Céline LAURENT,

  • Elisa MAZZA,

    International Client Officer
  • Rafaël TRAPET,

  • Juliette BENÂTRE,

    Trainee Archivist
  • Louise FAYE,

    Accounting Assistant