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    • Partners : Collectives and Agencies

        Managed by Margot Klingsporn and Karen Fromm, FOCUS Fotoagentur is a major reference for high quality photography and customer's service. FOCUS represents Picturetank in Germany.
      • Les agents associés
        The "Agents Associés" is a professional union of photographer's agents, illustrators and designers.
      • ARGOS
        ARGOS is an Associate Member of the Picturetank Co-Op. The collective brings in depth editorial works by photographers Hélène David, Jéromine Derigny, Eleonore Henry de Frahan, Guillaume Collanges, Cédric Faimali, Laurent Weyl and a team of journalists.
        Alexandre Almeida, Augusto Brázio, Céu Guarda, Guillaume Pazat, João Pina, Jordi Burch, Martim Ramos, Nélson d'Aires, Pauliana Valente Pimentel, Pedro Letria, Sandra Rocha, Valter Vinagre
      • ODESSA
        Odessa Photographies members are Polo Garat, Benjamin Béchet, Vincent Lacotte, Marion Lefebvre and Jérôme Navarre. The collective is based in Toulouse.
        Agência Olhares is the representation and syndication tool for the photographers and journalists of the Visual Expression Nucleo : Olhares do Morro.
      • OUT OF FOCUS
        Pauline Beugnies, Thomas Freteur, Colin Delfosse, Alice Smeets and Thomas vanden Driessche.
      • OST
        O.S.T. privilégie la mise en place de projets artistiques dans l’espace public à travers des interventions in situ. Les oiseaux sont migrateurs, entre la Belgique et la France, et de toutes plumes: photographes, graphiste, sociologue, vidéastes, constructeur, programmeurs, plasticiens.
        Studio Public is a multidisciplinary collective questioning arts and urban issues. Its membres are photographers, contemporary mixed-media artists, architects, designers, developers, researchers, musicians... Julie Guiches, Benoit Lorent, Cathy Blisson, Jean-françois Roversi, Deborah Robianno, Mattia Paco Rizzi, Elise Mériau, Marise Vitale Cardoso, Florence Joubert, Irina Georgieff, Claudia Hernandez Nass, Andrea Montesi, Stephane Ternon, Damien Chivialle.
        Terra Project is an italian collective dedicated to documentary photography. Michele Borzoni, Simone Donati, Rocco Rorandelli and Pietro Paolini.
      • TRANSIT
        Photo Collective based in Montpellier, Associate Member of the Picturetank Co-Op. Alexa Brunet, Alexandra Frankewitz, Bastien Defives, David Richard, Nanda Gonzague and Yohanne Lamoulère.

    • Photographers affiliated to the Picturetank Co-op

    • (Online) Publications and photoblogs

      • XXI
        The blog of "Vingt et un" a new French publication dedicated to documentary narrations.
      • Armelle aime les images...
        Picture Researcher Armelle Lafferrerie's blog on photography.
      • The Australian Photojournalist
        The Australian PhotoJournalist is an annual journal, published through Griffith University's Queensland College of Art, that seeks to address issues affecting journalists but more specifically photojournalists. Previous editions have addressed the issues of journalistic intention, methodologies, the position of the press and the future of our discipline.
      • Jörg M Colberg blog
        Jörg Coldberg's famous photography blog.
      • Culture Visuelle
        Social research and education media brought by the Laboratory for Contemporary Visual History. (website in French)
      • CQFD
        Monthly magazine for Social Criticism and Experimentation (in French)
      • Dos Ojos
        Discover Dos Ojos: the magazine. (Website in Spanish)
      • Droit et photographie
        Blog on Law and Photography (French)
      • Exhibmag
        Exhib magazine: "home for the circulation of politically engaged reporting and documentaries". The collective Obturateur Central's publication is open to dialogue. (Website in French)
      • Faces
        This website is not run by an agency or an association. 'Faces' is a gallery of portraits available for publication, edited by a group of professional freelance photographers, who update it on a regular basis.
      • foto8
        The online version of "Eight photojournalism".
      • GOMMA
        Portal on Photography, Visual Arts and Design.
      • In Public - photographes de rue
        In-Public has been online since 2000 and is devoted to street photography.
      • Issue
        Quarterly photojournalism magazine published by the Documentography collective. The magazine presents subjects produced by its members and other photographers.
      • Ittaphoto
        Mexican online publication.
      • Le JDL
        Because informing through pictures is a task for professionals. Because imagery and its use should not be treated lightly. We call for involvement and questioning. We invite you to an open forum of discussion and debate, to contest the media's standardisation of images. (Website in French)
      • Mediastorm
        Documentary platform created by Brian Storm and sponsored by to usher in the next generation of multimedia storytelling by publishing social documentary projects incorporating photojournalism, interactivity, animation, audio and video for distribution across multiple media.
      • Ojodepez
        Bi-annual Spanish publication, with an excellent interface presenting reports and articles rejected by mainstream mass media. (Website in Spanish)
      • Our age is thirteen
        Follow Molly Benn's blog : artists' portfolios, portraits and interviews. [English version].
        Reference site for auteur photography (a partner of Picturetank). A quality webzine about various photographic issues. (Website in French)
      • Photography Today International
        Association of internet publications dedicated to art photography and photojournalism.
        Information and debates. A FreeLens initiative which offers on online magazine and a discussion space. (Website in French)
      • Private
        Private is a quarterly International review of photographs. An independent and itinerant publication that offer its photographic journey since 1992.
      • Purpose
        An all-photo journal about photography.
        Highly recommended site featuring beautiful works.
      • Rue89
        Info from three sources: journalists, experts and web users. (Website in French)
      • Sophot
        Website dedicated to social and environmental photography, a partner of the FAIT ET CAUSE gallery. (Website in French)
      • Le Tigre
        Le Tigre is a general independent magazine with no publicity.
      • View
        View Photography Magazine
      • The Viewer
        The Viewer is a free online magazine focus on current creative photography and video. Independant and free of advertisment, The Viewer aims at proposing a singular approach through emerging artists and through opened minded and current questions
      • What’s documentary about photography?
        From directed to digital photojournalism by John Mraz.
      • ZMÂLA, L'oeil curieux.
        Zmâla is an independant review dedicated to the production of collectives of photographers, in France and elsewhere.
      • ZoneZero
        "ZoneZero © is dedicated to photography. Its name intends to be a metaphor for the journey from analog to digital image making. One of the references comes from "The Zone System": a fine example of analog heritage in photography made famous by A. Adams.
      • Zoum Zoum
        Zoum Zoum [pronounce [zoom-zoom] Fresh blog by Clémentine Mercier and Laure Troussière, Picture Editors at the French daily newspaper Libération. (Website in French)

    • Independent Media and Critical Analysis

      • Ne Pas Plier
        Ne Pas Plier is a group of artists, designers, doctors, sociologists linked by questions regarding the city. (Website in French)
      • Les nouveaux chiens de garde
        The acclaimed documentary film by Gilles Balbastre and Yannick Kergoat about the close relations between the French top journalists and politicians.
      • Observatoire français des médias
        For a free press that is diverse and of a high standard.
      • Owni
        OWNI is a social media which brings you the very best news and prospective ideas on the ever-changing digital age – today in France, tomorrow all around Europe
      • Pro Publica
        Journalism in the Public Interest. ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that will produce investigative journalism in the public interest.
        The French version of by Jean-Marie Colombani, former head of Le Monde.
      • Wikileaks
        Wikileaks against Big Brother.

    • Publishing

      • Editions Alternatives
        More than 500 books published since 1975 in the fields of ecology, architecture, design...
      • Aperture
        The Aperture Foundation.
      • Editions Autrement
        Humanities, literature, children books...Since 1975, "Autrement" approaches contemporary societies with a true vision. (Website in French)
      • Éditions Jean di Sciullo
        Traverse the "bridges between art and information resources": Années Lumière presents the Éditions Jean di Sciullo. (Website in French)
      • La fabrique
        History, politics, philosophy... "La fabrique" publishes sharp critical essays. (Website in French)
      • Fontaine O Livres
        La fontaine O Livres is a professional network for those working in the field of books. (Website in French)
      • Éditions Filigranes
        Unique books, both about artists and writers.
      • Chez Higgins
        Limited editions portfolios.
      • Intervalles
        An excellent publishing house directed by Armand de Saint Sauveur.
      • Editions Kehrer Verlag
        After many years of experience as a designer of bibliophile art and photography books for numerous museums, publishers and artists, in 1995 Klaus Kehrer founded the publishing house Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg.
      • Le MOTif
        Le Motif is a watchdog of books and writings in the Paris area to reinforce the links between people working in the books field. (Website in French)
      • Editions Xavier Barral
        Since 2002, the Editions Xavier Barral offer access to a beautiful and unique book. They have authors like Raymond Depardon, Erik Orsenna, Sophie Calle, Daniel Buren, Jeff Koons, Josef Koudelka. (Website in French)

    • Galleries, festivals, workshops...

      • Le Bal
        An independent structure based in Paris dedicated to the representation of the real in all forms : photography, video, cinema and new media. (Website in French)
      • Bloo Workshops
        Bloo Workshops is a structure based in Lyon, which sets up workshops with recognised photographers. (Website in French)
      • Camera Austria
        Since 1980 Camera Austria International magazine has been fostering debate on the role of photography as situated between art and mass medium, between aesthetics and social practice, between discourse and the documentary, politics and imagery.
      • La Casa Musicale
        La Casa Musicale is a not-for-profit organization created in 1996 with the help of the city of Perpignan and the French Ministry of Culture. This is a place open to experimentations, creations, and linked with urban realities.
      • La Chambre
        The place to be in Strasbourg / the most exciting gallery for fine art photography n town. (Website in French)
      • Les Champs Photographiques
        Lieu de création et d’exposition situé en Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel, dans une ancienne ferme datant du 18ème siècle entourée de vergers, Les champs photographiques proposent de vivre les pratiques artistiques dans un esprit de convivialité, de partage et d’échanges.
      • Confluences: Maison des Arts Urbains
        "Confluences isn't only a performing arts space. It is also a site which defends socially engaged artists, reflecting the world we live in through their creations." (Website in French)
      • La Demeure du Chaos
        La Maison du Chaos is somehow irritating some people...But why ? Get ready for the visit !
      • Festival America
        Since 2002, English, French and Spanish speaking writers meet every second year at Vincennes to celebrate North American cultures and literature.
      • Le Festival de la Photographie d'Angkor
        This photo festival is dedicated to photography in Asia, both documentary and artistic.
      • Festival Internazionale di Roma
        Rome International Festival.
      • Festival Etonnants voyageurs
        A international festival of books and movies in Saint-Malo, Brittany. (Website in French)
      • Festival Scoop
        Created in 1986, the festival of Scoop and Journalism is a main event for all the journalists.
      • Festival du Vent
        The beautiful island of Corsica and the wind... a festival which transports us. (Website in French).
      • Fetart
        Fetart is an online gallery dedicated to contemporary photography and to the discovery of young talents. (Website in French)
      • Galerie "les filles du calvaire"
        The "filles du calvaire" gallery is present both in Paris and Brussels. Managed by Stéphane Magnan and Christine Ollier the gallery features painting, sculpture, photography, installations and video with a focus on young artists.
      • Fotobild
        In collaboration with European Photography Month, Fotobild in Berlin promotes photography in the art market sector.
      • FotoFest
        "A platform for the arts and for ideas." Photography Biennial in Houston.
      • Head On Photo Festival
        Head On Photo Festival is the world's second largest festival. Now in its third year, it features a wide range of photography across all genres with over 200 events at 100 venues in Sydney, Australia.
      • Images singulières
        Documentary Photo Festival in Sète (France) during the first weeks of May
      • Le Point du jour
        Le Point du Jour is a new centre for photography, associating exhibitions, residencies and publishing. (Website in French)
      • Masasam
        Masasam examines and shows artists' works from 'invisible' areas, because of an usual ethnocentric point of view.
      • Mois de la photo > OFF
        The Mois de la Photo-OFF is a fringe festival organised in parallel to the official Mois de la Photo festival, held in November every two years. (Website in French)
      • NEGPOS
        If you are in Nîmes, visit the NegPos gallery. (Website in French)
      • Les nuits photographiques
        First festival dedicated to photographic films
      • Paris en toutes lettres
        Paris Photo was created in 1996 and is the most prestigious art fair dedicated to historical and contemporary photography.
      • La petite poule noire
        12 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75011 Paris, France
      • Photoquai
        Biennale: images of the world: International biennale held in Paris. Next issue in 2013.
      • PGAV Photo Gallery asbl/vzw
        A young not-for-profit gallery based in Brussels. (Website in French and Dutch)
      • Rencontres d'Arles
        Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles.
        The Transphotographiques Festival explores an eclectic vision of photography. (Website in French)
      • Villa Gillet
        The Villa Gillet, in Lyon, is a unique institution which examines the concept of culture through literature, social sciences, politics, history, contemporary art. Open to everyone ! (Website in French)
      • VISA pour l'Image
        The International Festival of Photojournalism, in Perpignan: exhibitions, screenings, professionals' expo...
      • Viza OUF !
        Viza OUF ! [Mad Viza!] organizes concerts, shows and parties in Perpignan. (Website in French)
      • Voies OFF
        Arles Fringe Festival
      • Whitechapel Gallery
        The Gallery is a touchstone for contemporary art internationally, plays a central role in London’s cultural landscape and is pivotal to the continued growth of the world’s most vibrant contemporary art quarter.
      • xTNT
        "ex-National Terrorist Theatre". Street-Art, Drama, Performing Arts.
      • Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay
        The first canadian festival dedicated to photojournalism.

    • Organisations and institutions

      • KissKissBankBank
        Crowdfunding for creative projects.
      • Ministère de la culture et de la communication
        Practical infos. (Website in French).
      • OJD
        Association for auditing media circulation.
      • ONU
        The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 to promote social progress, better living standards and human rights. The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives, highlighting the contribution of cooperatives to socio-economic development, particularly their impact on poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration.
      • SAIF : Société des Auteurs des arts visuels et de l'Image Fixe
        Photographer? Not yet a member? Don't wait any longer! With the arrival of new technologies, new methods of remuneration of authors' rights have been created. To gain these, and to support the defense of our creative professions, join the SAIF. (Website in French).
      • : Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif SCIC
        All information concerning the 'Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif' (Scic), is a new kind of co-operative company, chosen by the members of Picturetank.
      • Le labo' de l'économie sociale et solidaire
        Think Tank promoting social economy and the Co-operative movement (Website in French)
      • SMArt (BE)
        Belgium: Insurance company for artists. (Website in French and Dutch).
      • SNADI Syndicat national des auteurs et diffuseurs d'images
        A group of auteur photographers created a new syndicate ... to provide an efficient legal tool via an innovative method. (Website in French).
      • SOFAM (B)
        Belgium: Society for author's rights in the visual arts domain. (Website in French and Dutch).
      • UPP
        Union of Professional Photographers (Website in French).

    • Iconography and Archiving Techniques

      • ADBS
        Association of Information and Documentation Professionals. (Website in French)
      • AINTD
        Association of INTD graduates. (Website in French)
      • ANI : Asso. Nat. des Iconographes
        The ANI, is made up of 200 iconographers (both employees and independants) active in all image-related domains: press (Prisma, Hachette, Bayard …), publishing (Hachette, Gallimard, Larousse…), agencies (Gamma, Sipa...), communication (Textuel, Creapress...). (Website in French)
      • EMI - CFD : l' École des Métiers de l'Information
        Qualified training: photojournalist, iconographer, journalist, editing secretary, editor, correction, chief website editor, graphic artist, website graphic artist, PAO lay-out. (Website in French).
      • Icono-web
        Iconographers in press, publishing and publicity. (Website in French)
      • INTD
        National Institute of Documentation Techniques (Website in French)
      • LE JDL - Journaliste de l'image
        The JDL wishes to create a different kind of debate and way of thinking about images and their use. The "seen it all" and "finger in the eye" sections analyse iconographic work that is either successful or unsuccessful... (Website in French)
      • Jean MICHEL
        Jean Michel's personal website. He's a management consultant in information-documentation-knowledge. Publications, texts on TIC, documentation management, collective knowledge, internet... (Website in French)

    • Technical Tips

      • Arnaud Frich, gestion des couleurs
        How to manage colours on your screen, scanner, printer and with Photoshop parameters. (Technical part of website in French)
      • Club Photoshop
        Association made up of graphic arts, photography and multimedia users and creators. (Website in French)
      • Computer-Darkroom
        Articles, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to digital image processing.